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2017 BESUN Summer Activity

To deepen understanding, enhance communication between colleagues,  BESUN company organize a two-day visit on Xichong sand beach during 16-17th Sept.. 

Before a trip, our colleagues from all departments prepare detailed works, including transportation, living, insurance, schedules, foods and so on... Everyone is a positive participant in this activity to keep all have great time.

On that day, all colleagues are gathering and waiting downstairs, and get on the bus one by one orderly. All is in high spirits in the bus. Two-hour drive is over with our joke-telling and singing, and we arrived at our destination- Xichong. In a home stay facility safely, we begin our lunch: make dumplings.  

Kneading dough, preparing fillings, rolling the rappers...we all work together and enjoy the time. Although every dumpling is unique style, it’s our fruits of labor and we enjoy our unique lunch.   
BESUN Summer Activity
At dusk, we leave for Xichong sand beach called “The Oriental Hawaii”. You can see the sea joins the sky, the water’s blue and clear. We stay away from city’s noises, return to nature, to enjoy health and good time.  We BESUN colleagues take pictures on the beach to record the beautiful moment.
BESUN team

Then it’s free time on the beach, some are swimming, some are walking along with the coastline, all is enjoying the moment.
Xichong beach

After free time, we begin prepare our barbecue. All kinds of foods, chicken wings, meatball, steamed bun...We share the delicious foods, talking and relaxing, appreciating the beautiful scenery, enjoying ourselves.

Some grouped games hold at night,interesting and non-stop laughter.
BESUN's group games
The next morning, we leave for our home safely.

In this trip, we taste the natural beauty, enjoy the delicious foods, relax ourselves, and deeply feel the warmth from BESUN company... As the same time, increasing the colleaue’s emotional communication,and strengthen enterprise cohesion. The activity with Xichong travel was successfully concluded, and looking forward to our next traveling!