As a leader in imaging optical lighting technology, BESUN LED LIMITED.  is one of the earliest domestic companies focusing on the field of imaging optical lighting.  With the corporate vision of "becoming the world's leading professional product and service provider in the field of imaging lighting", BESUN continues to focus on providing professional precise optical design, optical products, optical accessories, optical control and related services.


Along with the start-up development of China's LED lighting industry, BESUN LED has maintained a leading position in the Chinese market for more than 10 consecutive years. We are one of the companies with the earliest entry into the domestic imaging lighting field, the deepest technical reserves, and the most complete industrial layout.  BSUN has formed a complete strategic layout of imaging optical lighting, and has R&D and manufacturing capabilities from core technology research and development such as algorithms, design, and materials to various terminal applications.  With rich practical experience, BESUN LED has taken the lead in realizing the application of imaging optical systems in multiple industries or fields, such as imaging lighting optics, machine vision, military industry, lithography machine optics, etc., and has developed a large number of imaging lighting fields for more than ten years.  Be the first to witness, promote and lead the development of China's imaging lighting market.


Based on the foundation of years of global development, BESUN LED has formed a global business layout and service capabilities, has allocated global resources with a global perspective, and built domestic and foreign product research and development centers including China, the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, and South Korea.  , production and marketing system, with more than 10 international patents, technology covers design, optics, material science, high-precision machining, software and multi-system combination of hardware, software and various algorithms, products are exported to more than 90 countries around the world and regions, laying a solid foundation for promoting the development of global imaging optical lighting.