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BESUN LED LTD Annual Meeting


Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

--2020 BESUN LED LIMITED annual meeting

  Goodbye 2019, hello 2020, BESUN LED LIMITED annual meeting was held in QIAO XIANG CHU hotel on 12/28/2019. General manager Leo Zhu with his families, firm’s top managers and other 30 staffs got together and enjoyed the party.

  Leo made an excited speech

  The annual meeting stared with Leo’s excited speech, he said :” Under the joint efforts of all staffs, during the past 2019, although there is still a distance between the 50 million sales target, the steady increase in sales performance is still to be congratulated. This fruit belongs to everyone and BESUN’s future will be more glorious”

  Commendation conference of BESUN

  The brilliant achievements of BESUN in 2019 are inseparable from the hard work of all staffs. At this commendation meeting, outstanding employees, outstanding individuals, sales champions, and awards were successively presented as a reward for staffs. Lydia Gong, winner of sales champions, gave a speech of winning and shared her work experience and successful experience, and was full of hope for the new sales target for the coming year.

  Brilliant show of BESUN people

  Our BESUN people is not only excel in their work, but also show their professional performance standards in talent display. Under the passion of Dream of BESUN, the scene is warm and sweet. The beautiful songs and instrumental performance with true feelings, crosstalk, recitation, and chorus, all made people here laugh and cheer sometimes. BESUN’s people have a great night and a wonderful memory.


  Big prize & pleasantly surprised

  The raffle draw has always been a highly anticipated reserved item in the annual meeting. Total of 20 prizes were prepared at the annual meeting. With a surprise and warm gift, there were thunderous applause and laughter.


  "Pig" year all goes as you wish, "Mouse" year you're the best

  BESUN pig year annual meeting end in laughter and happiness. It's because of our hard work in the past year, then the most beautiful smile will bloom at the end of the year. Looking back at 2019, we have gone through a glorious decade together, and looking forward to 2020, the BESUN people will continue to be closely united under the correct guidance of the general manager Leo Zhu."Mouse" year we're the best, and continue to write a new chapter!